👋 Hi, I'm Gian Andrea Sechi

Who i am?
I'm a 10 years experience Software Engineer & Full Stack Developer but I would like to tell you a little bit more about me.

If I had to describe myself with a few words I would say logical, deep thinker and reliable.
Since I was a kid, I have always been interested in all things related to Technology, Math or Science.
This is why it was natural for me, to choose a technical type of high school with a "Computer Science" specialization.

During the high school years, I developed my nerd personality approaching Physics, Maths and Informatics (and absolutely loved those subjects) but, thanks to amazing professors, I also discovered a deep interest in some of the human Sciences such as Poetry and Philosophy.
That being said, you may understand why, back in 2008, I won both the Logic&Math games and the poetry festival held in my local town.
I graduated in 2009 with the highest grade in the entire school (100 summa cum laude) and you can find me in the Italian National Register of Excellence - INDIRE.

After high school, I started Computer Engineering at "Modena and Reggio Emilia University" in 2009 but I dropped out in 2011 because I was annoyed by finding out I had already studied and learned most of the lessons’ topics; On top of this, I simultaneously found a job as Software Engineer, which played a decisive role in dropping out of university.

I’ve been working as a Full Stack Developer and Software Engineer for 10 years.
All this time, I learned how to handle the entire engineering and developing process of a project.
My Senior abilities include choosing the correct technologies and solutions to adopt, designing the database structure, engineering and designing the back-end and front-end part of the software, Testing & Optimizing the Release phase.

During the COVID-19 pandemic I developed two NO-PROFIT and completerly free web applications to help consumers and companies to get in touch and informed.
"NearMe" is a digital showcase where each local company can add some information about the services, opening hours and general info it operates during the pandemic closures.
Moreover, I developed a dashboard with data provided by Italian Governament and Italian Civil Protection, on their GitHub public repository, about the pandemic progress in italy.
It’s a simple and clear way to help people be daily updated.

Being a Software Engineer makes me feel like a superhero, capable to create super powerful stuff that might even end up changing people’s life.

I like to read and study on my own; not only Physics, Math and science, I’m also interested in deepening some human Sciences like Philosophy, Social Psychology and Psychology.

Currently, I'm studing at the Open Source Society University (OSSU) to go deeper in some theoretical aspects of Informatics and I'm approaching to the Open Source World.